Zach Gill


If songwriter Zach Gill’s life were a mobile in a child’s nursery, music would be its axis. Hanging from the mobile would be a small ukulele, a collection of vintage organs and pianos, a broken accordion and other sound makers. There would be more than just musical instruments dangling down. There would be an old man’s sweater, a furry pilot’s cap, a ball of clay for shaping, and a walking stick. If this doesn’t give you a clear idea of Gill’s sound, maybe the story of his musical journey will.

Early inspiration came from his grandmother Mabel, a Church organist, and father Chuck, an ex-rocker. Zach’s future became clear during high school when he sparked a lifelong friendship with fellow musicians Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams, who he continues to play with in ALO today. In College, the trio tried their hand at a variety of projects before emerging as the Animal Liberation Orchestra. Formed in 1998, ALO has been Zach’s primary musical vehicle for the last decade and half, with the addition of Dave Brogan, releasing 3 albums on Brushfire records, with a 4th coming this year. In 2005, he joined forces with college friend Jack Johnson, playing in his band as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In between projects with Jack and ALO, Zach found time to record and release 2008′s “Stuff”, a solo record that reveals Gill to be an effortlessly strong performer who knows how to craft easygoing pop with a large dose of buoyant soul. Think Leon Russell or Levon Helm if they grew up near the beach, listening to a little Bob Marley.