Release the Sunbird


Zack Rogue of Rogue Wave boarded a plane to Bloomington, Indiana and found himself opening up to the idea of creating something new. Over the course of nine warm summer days, 18 songs for Come Back To Us were recorded. With lyrics that explore the vagaries of love, loss, memory, and the deceptive simplicity of hope, Rogue’s new songs are presented with an essential quality, as if every captured sound is ultimately serving the song. Through his work with Rogue Wave, Zach has established himself as a critically acclaimed songwriter, having toured with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, Spoon, Nada Surf and The Shins. Despite Zach’s successes, Release The Sunbird wouldn’t exist without the unique contributions from his Bloomington pals. Drummer Pete Shreiner, bassist and vocalist Kenny Childers, and vocalist Kate Long give these songs a certain purity and strength that let them stand on their own. Long’s gorgeous harmonies seem particularly integral to bringing out a side of Rogue, a trust and frailty that feels new and anticipatory. Zach Rogue has made a record that’s exciting in its fluidity and openness.