Zee Avi’s New Album, “Ghostbird” Out Now

We threw a good old fashioned house party to celebrate the release of Zee’s newest album, ghostbird. Here’s a peak of what went down.

After spending nearly a year on the road behind her debut self titled album opening up for Pete Yorn and Jack Johnson, and playing at festivals like Bonnaroo and Street Scene, Zee Avi took some time off to rest, travel, and write. After a stint in New York, she found herself on a boat in the Florida Keys. The songs written there were brought to life in Brushfire’s Solar Powered Plastic Plant studio with producer Mario Caldato (Bebel Gilberto, Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson). ghostbird features the first single “The Book of Morris Johnson” and is in stores everywhere now. Her US tour runs through October 16th, with a tour of Asia to follow in November.

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