Bahamas: “Sunday Dinner” – A Short Film

When he’s not on tour, Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas) visits his extended family in northern Ontario every Sunday. A camera crew followed him there one such Sunday back in February in hopes of conducting an interview and learning more about his new album “Barchords”. The interview wasn’t much of a success. Instead they watched him and his mother cook and eat all day, light whole trees on fire, and speak a whole lot of Finnish.

Jurvanen,¬†on his mother : “I didn’t grow up in a particularly musical family, but my mother was and still is constantly creating. I think being around her curiosity and seemingly endless energy is definitely contagious and inspiring. I hope I can remain as interested and excited about discovery and exploration through music as she is with everything else.”

If you are wondering “What’s up With all the Finnish?”: ¬†Although he lives in Toronto and sings in English, Afie grew up immersed in Finnish cuisine and culture. His mother was Miss Finland in 1973. He has a Finnish passport. None of this has much to do with the album, but it turned out to be an interesting and very personal look into his life outside of his music.

Directed & Edited by Scott Kaija & Ryan Gassi